Peter achieves Rospa Diploma

So I have passed my Rospa Diploma in Driver Education. Well what does that actually mean?

It simply means I keep myself up to date, aspire to improve my skills and makes me feel good.

For someone being trained by me it means a greater knowledge base is available, an improved understanding of client centered learning and quite frankly a more enjoyable fun training session. Whether that is as a learner or an experienced driver.

This is a qualification that very few driver trainers have and is very hard to achieve if you try and wing it. This was a week long intensive course based in Birmingham having my driving skills challenged and analysed. My class room skills were also improved. At the end of the week I had to take a driving test that lasted longer than an hour included commentary driving and driver training. Oh and in a hire car.

It was great fun and I learnt loads. The main thing is I am always prepared to learn more because things change and evolve. It makes me a more informed and I believe better trainer. Come and try me for some lessons Prices

Driving test changing

Breaking news – the test is changing

Are you ready?

I am.Did you know they are planning on removing the turn in the road, adding 20 minutes of independent driving from a sat nav and making you park in a public car park?

As a driver trainer I keep up to date and it is important that I pass on the skills for effective and safe driving.The changes that may happen are things I already teach. These things help you to enjoy lessons and the training we do means you get a wide range of knowledge that helps us achieve your goals, whatever that is. Whether it is your aim or not I will make sure you understand how to be safe, which includes using the radio, washing your windscreen and sat nav usage.

Driving lesson are there for you and you’ll often hear me say ” What do you want to do today?”

If you have fun while learning it’ll stay in your head. If it’s a chore then you’ll remember very little and as such it will probably take you longer to learn to drive.